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by LITO Goods

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by LITO Goods

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KAPHA is a lightly-floral, earthy and sweet blend specially created to bring joy, calm and blue skies, especially useful on days when the going feels impossible and you need some encouragement to go on. KAPHA is like a warm hug to get you going and feeling hopeful again. Perfect for a sacred pause.

An exclusive Apoteacary™ x LITO blend which is a caffeine-free infusion made with herbs, spices and flowers that have therapeutic benefits for your health. Concocted using only natural ingredients, Apoteacaryᵀᴹ x LITO blends aim to help improve your physical and emotional well-being by combining Eastern and Western herbal wisdom. 

Apoteacaryᵀᴹ x LITO is like therapy in a cup.


Brewing instructions:

Steep 3 to 5g (2 tsp) of blend in 200ml of boiling water to release the essential oils from the herbs and spices, for 5 mins.

Drinking instructions:

Take slow sips while inhaling the aroma, until the warmth of the tea envelops you like a comforting hug

Key features

Floral, earthy, sweet.

Cinnamon, chamomile, ginger, bay leaf, lemon. Loose leaves.

Our blends are caffeine-free infusions made with herbs, spices and flowers.


We are based in Singapore 🇸🇬 and our goods are currently only available for orders from this sunny island. 🌴

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We offer free delivery for all Singapore orders. As we run a small team, orders are consolidated and fulfilled every Monday.

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